Hackathon Zurich 4/2016

nervousnet social sensing HACKATHON Let us build digital democracy together! 22<sub>nd</sub> and 23rd April 2016 ETH Zurich (rooms TBC soon), Switzerland22nd April, 10:00 – 23rd April, 16:00, 2016
ETH Zurich, Building IFW (RZ – Clausiusstrasse 59), Room A36


For hackathonists

Want to participate / missed the intro session? Find practical information here:

For updates follow @nervousnet on Twitter.

Living too far? Participate online!

Simply follow our live stream on Meerkat. Download the app for iOs or Android, follow user nervousnet and listen to the guidelines & instructions. We are starting at:

10am CEST (Berlin)
9am BST (London)
4am EDT (NYC)
1am PDT (San Francisco)
1:30pm IST (Bangalore)

Online participants do not have to register!


ETH Zurich, Building IFW (RZ – Clausiusstrasse 59), Room A36


Room Permit as PDF available here


Developers, entrepreneurs, data specialists, early adopters, end users and everybody else interested in building digital democracy together, join us for the first nervousnet Hackathon!

Help us develop:

  • An interactive platform for individuals to unfold your skills and talents
  • Privacy-preserving and security mechanisms for data sharing
  • Engaging gamifying applications
  • Ethical, discrimination-free data analytics
  • New ways of integrating cutting-edge IoT networks like LoRaWAN

What is nervousnet?

nervousnet is a decentralized Internet of Things platform for privacy-preserving social sensing services provided as public good. It is implemented as a mobile app and it is open source under the GPL v3 license. nervousnet is capable to collect and manage sensor data from Android and iOS mobile phones by letting users self-determine the data they locally preserve and the data they remotely share. This forms the main privacy-by-design functionality of the nervousnet backend. A lightweight local analytics engine residing in the nervousnet backend provides a high-level API for developers to build data-driven applications. Analytics can be also performed across devices with an implementation of a truly decentralized and privacy-preserving Big Data paradigm: the global analytics engine.

Find more information about nervousnet and the ideas behind the network in a recent article in Nature.

Hackathon Topics

The Hackathon provides at least three opportunities for participation:

  1. Design and Development of the nervousnet Backend:

    Here you find opportunities like e.g. to extend the API of the local analytics engine, implement communication security or integrate web views and an application store.

  2. Design and Development of nervousnet apps:

    Here you can build your own data-driven applications. Some examples: earthquake detection, localization and navigation, ambient assisting living, smart homes, IoT games and more. There will be new LoRa sensor nodes to play with!

  3. The nervousnet Privacy / Accuracy Challenge:

    Come up with your own data summarization algorithm that guarantees the highest privacy protection level and at the same time performs accurate data analytics.
    For instructions, tutorials, utilities and other supporting material related to the nervousnet Privacy Challenge, please visit the Nervousnet Hackathon Challenge at github.


During the Hackathon, we are going to provide you with food, drinks and – for the ones not haunted by insomnia – a chillout lounge. The teams coming up with the best solutions for each session will be awarded non-cash prizes (see below).


Every participants get a participation certificate. First three groups or individuals get certificate and awards (vouchers for Digitec online shop) if there is enough high number of participants (for every 3-4 teams registered, we have an award, for a maximum of 3 awards).

  1. Digitec voucher/s for 1’000 CHF
  2. Digitec voucher/s for    600 CHF
  3. Digitec voucher/s for    400 CHF


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Flyers & Poster

Download and share a flyer (A5 size) and a poster (A3 size) – clicking on the pictures below get PNGs, or download a PDF flyer or a PDF poster.


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