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CCC Dataset

This dataset contains mobile sensor data from 154 unique anonymized participants collected during Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg in 2014. The dataset is collected with an application of the Nervousnet system illustrated here. The goal of the data collection was to study privacy-preserving localized social interactions. There is no GPS data collected and the localization is performed with bluetooth beacons distributed to the congress participants and the physical space. The bluetooth beacons are 3D printed and assembled at the Chair of Computational Social Science ETH Zurich. The following sensor data are contained into the database:

  • SENSOR_0 : Accelerometer
  • SENSOR_1 : Battery
  • SENSOR_2 : Gyroscope
  • SENSOR_3 : Humidity
  • SENSOR_4 : Light
  • SENSOR_5 : Magnetic
  • SENSOR_6 : Proximity
  • SENSOR_7 : Temperature
  • SENSOR_8 : Noise
  • SENSOR_9 : Pressure
  • SENSOR_a : Connectivity
  • SENSOR_b : BLEBeacon

More information about the dataset is available here. You are not allowed to distribute further the downloaded dataset. If you want to use this dataset anyhow, please cite the following work:

Federico Musciotto, Saverio Delpriori, Paolo Castagno and Evangelos Pournaras, Mining Social Interactions in Privacy-preserving Temporal Networks, in the proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Dynamics in Networks-DyNo 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, August 2016

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