Virtual Sensors

The applications of the Nervousnet backend are the so called virtual sensors. This page contains a list of virtual sensors built for studying the applicability of Nervousnet backend.


Proximity Virtual Sensor

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 21.14.01

The goal of this virtual sensor is to build a social graph of anonymous human interactions using privacy-preserving proximity data. More specifically, people in close proximity can be detected without using GPS data. Instead, the proximity virtual sensor detects bluetooth signal from neighboring phones but also from small blootooth signal emitters distributed in the physical environment, the so called “bluetooth beacons”. Based on the signal strength of the received signal, a weighted edge of the social graph can be constructed.

An Android and iOS application was developed based on the proximity virtual sensor that was demonstrated in the 31c3 Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg during the period 27.12.2014-30.12.14. The applications can be downloaded here.


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 21.12.55


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